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total tidbits

TOTAL Tidbits is a weekly electronic newsletter produced by TOTAL Marketing exclusively for our channel partners.

TOTAL Tidbits provides all the latest news, products and updates related to TOTAL Marketing and the manufacturers we represent.

Recent News



GPO US' E-Whiteboards are the perfect addition to classrooms and boardrooms alike. Using GPO US' commercial-grade touch screen technology, E-Whiteboards are designed with high-traffic environments in mind. By using rounded bezels instead of sharp, right angles, these E-Whiteboards minimize the risk of injury from unintentional bumping or nudging of the display.

E-Whiteboards' onboard PCs run Windows Embedded standard, which provides a familiar, easy-to-use interface for users of limited technical expertise. Users can activate touch functions via use of fingers or any opaque, dull object, such as a stylus.

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