A Visit to Screen Innovations

A few weeks ago, I spent the day at the Screen Innovations offices with DeeDee DeVoe and got the latest on what is happening in Austin to make the world of screens and shades a little bit brighter.

The day started as all should in Texas, with breakfast tacos and a tour of the expansion at SI. DeeDee took me out to the warehouse to see all the growth and changes and I promise, it is nothing short of spectacular. From the expansion of the shades side of the company to the packing of screens for shipping, we went through it all.

After our tour, DeeDee took me through a few of the online design features that help SI stand out. If you have not visited the Screen Innovations website, you definitely need to, go to On the site, you will find the Screen Material Wizard. The Screen Material Wizard's job is to tell you when a material will work for your design and when it won't.

DeeDee and the SI crew, also recommended the Light Meter - lux and foot candle measurement tool available through iTunes and Android. This app is truly a light meter in your pocket. This app measures light intensity and is calibrated with professional Illuminometer.

The last thing we talked about was the introduction of the JANUS and Fontus. You thought SI was just a screen company, but oh no, SI is definitely in the control business, check it out!

JANUS is an ultra-high density 8 shades or screens power and control hub. JANUS features ultra high-density enclosure (32 shades in 2 RU), PnP compatible with any wire type via UTP/Terminal and UTP Spike to extend cabling runs, indefinitely scalable infrastructure via BUS IN/OUT, up to 100 SDN power units with built in BUS power supply, redundant power options, 100+ mounting configurations, top view LED activities and presence for all shades, IEC power supply (AC cable included).

Fontus interfaces with Janus to convert 485 communication and power over five conductor wire to only two conductors. Full two-way control & full power is maintained using our advanced BCP encoding & decoding protocol. Fontus also includes 2 dry contact closures and a wet contact closure for use with control.

About Kristin:

Kristin Rountree has been with TOTAL Marketing,LLC for over 5 years and has nearly 20 years of experience in the Professional A/V industry.

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